[ 2023-09-28 ] Website Launch

Today I launched danger.farm. This website contains some of my projects. I'd like to write some technical articles about these projects, and this site is intended to allow me to do so.

I wrote a simple C based static content generator that generates all of the pages on this website. With all of the templating and SEO nonsense in a modern website, it's just not possible to write old school HTML by hand anymore. I cribbed this template from jekyll-theme-console and used it to skin my own content generator. I'll describe this content generator as an upcoming project if anyone is interested.

For the moment, most of the links on this site are stubbed out. In the coming weeks and months, I'll work on fleshing this out a bit more. For those wishing to contact me, I'm going to extract an HTTP server for the contact form from an abstract machine proof in Lean 4. Until then, stay tuned.